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Our Story

In the dynamic landscape of consultancy, Done Firm emerged as a beacon of transformation. Founded on the principles of excellence, integrity, and client-centricity, our journey began with a vision to redefine success for businesses and individuals. From navigating challenges to unlocking opportunities, we have consistently propelled our clients towards unparalleled success. Our story is one of relentless commitment, strategic vision, and a passion for empowering dreams. Today, Done Firm stands as a trusted partner, transforming aspirations into reality and shaping a future marked by excellence and achievement

Our Pillars


Our vision is to be the number one go-to business hospital in the MENA region. 


Our mission is to be the backbone of businesses and individuals and turn their visions into reality through expert consultancy services, and assistance with execution. 


The slogan: Beocme a Lion; Inject us into your business, and watch it heal. 


  1. Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do. We are committed to delivering exceptional quality, exceeding expectations, and continuously improving our services to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.

  2. Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. We believe in being honest, transparent, and trustworthy in all our interactions, maintaining confidentiality, and safeguarding the interests of our clients and stakeholders.

  3. Client-Centric Focus: Our clients are at the center of our business. We prioritize their needs, actively listen to their concerns, and tailor our solutions to meet their specific requirements. We are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships based on trust, collaboration, and a deep understanding of their goals and aspirations.

  4. Collaboration: We foster a culture of collaboration, both internally and externally. We believe in the power of teamwork, leveraging diverse perspectives, and harnessing collective intelligence to drive innovative solutions. We actively engage with our clients, partners, and colleagues to create synergy and achieve shared success.

  5. Continuous Learning: We embrace a growth mindset and encourage continuous learning and development. We invest in the professional growth of our team, providing opportunities for skill enhancement, knowledge sharing, and staying abreast of industry trends. We believe that ongoing learning is vital for delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

  6. Accountability: We take ownership and responsibility for our actions and outcomes. We hold ourselves accountable for delivering results, meeting commitments, and honoring deadlines. We embrace feedback, learn from our mistakes, and proactively seek solutions to overcome challenges.

  7. Innovation: We embrace innovation as a driver of progress and success. We encourage creative thinking, embrace new ideas, and seek out emerging technologies and trends. We are committed to finding innovative solutions that bring added value and differentiate us in the marketplace.

  8. Social Responsibility: We are dedicated to making a positive impact on society and the environment. We strive to operate sustainably, promote diversity and inclusion, and contribute to the well-being of our communities through philanthropic initiatives and responsible business practices.

  9. Flexibility and Adaptability: We embrace agility and adaptability in a rapidly changing business landscape. We are responsive to evolving needs and circumstances, open to new approaches, and adept at navigating complexity. We embrace change as an opportunity for growth and innovation.

  10. Work-Life Balance: We believe in fostering a healthy work-life balance that supports the well-being and happiness of our team members. We prioritize the importance of personal growth, family, and maintaining a fulfilling life outside of work.

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